Association founded in 2002, registered as an International Non-Profit Association (INPA) under Belgium Law in 2008 (No 893758097).

The Pulp and Paper Value Chain Information System (P&P-VIS)

Pulp and paper manufacturers and chemical suppliers are working together to establish a standardized communication that fosters the exchange of chemical information and increases transparency in the value chain.

The parties have developed a Harmonized Questionnaire and selected StacksData to provide a modern web-based SaaS tool. This online tool is specifically designed and built for P&P-VIS members to facilitate the information transfer between chemical suppliers and pulp and paper manufacturers. The tool utilizes the most current version of the Harmonized Questionnaire and will be kept updated. More information is available at


Support for the compliance work

The Harmonized Questionnaire includes the most important and frequently asked product safety and compliance questions that pulp and paper manufacturers address to their chemical and raw material suppliers. The Harmonized Questionnaire provides information that is not included in the safety data sheets such as food contact material compliance, ecolabel declarations or other market requirements, for example, vegan, kosher or halal certificate.


Industry specific list of declarable substances

In addition, the pulp and paper industry list of declarable substances (PIDSL) was formed. The list includes chemicals of concern that may not be declared in the safety data sheets but can be of concern due to for e.g. organoleptic or regulatory reasons.


Harmonized Questionnaire is free
(Excel version)

EPCG (European Pulp and Paper Chemicals Group), the association representing companies manufacturing chemicals for the pulp and paper making industry and CEPI (the Confederation of European Paper Industries) have contributed to this work. The Harmonized Questionnaire is available for everyone. It can be used as such to fill-in and exchange information via e-mail but the best results are achieved when also the web-based IT-tool is used as the information for a single product only needs to be inserted once. The Excel file may be downloaded here. However, we encourage companies to consider the StacksData online tool as an alternative to email, spreadsheets, and/or surveys. (Direct file upload to StacksData coming soon!)


NEW! Online StacksData Tool

P&P-VIS has worked closely with StacksData to develop an online tool for our members. This platform is designed to improve communications, streamline processes, and increase overall efficiency for members. Please click here to learn more.


List of Members

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Terms of Reference

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Online Tool Available Now.

New Companies Are Welcome to Join

The involved parties have been working on the Harmonized Questionnaire since 2016. The StacksData Compliance Relationship Management System is operational now. We welcome chemical suppliers, as well as their pulp and paper customers to join.


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